Community School (noun)
      – a public school that is the hub for its neighborhood

A Community School is a service and inclusion strategy that coordinates relationships and resources through a public school to accelerate equitable outcomes for all students.

The Arkansas Coalition for Community Schools (ACCS) is staffed by ForwARd Arkansas since 2020, which leads the development and implementation of Community Schools in Arkansas.

ACCS is made up of partners including ForwARd Arkansas, state-level educator and community service organizations, state agency representatives, school leaders, Community School Coordinators, and local leaders. 

ForwARd is dedicated to establishing partnerships to launch Community Schools statewide. Download this brochure to learn more.

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Is the community school model viable in small, rural school districts? Community Resource Innovations and the Rural Community Alliance believe the answer is a resounding yes!

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The Office of Innovation for Education, University of Arkansas, led an Arkansas group to visit a set of high-tech learning opportunities on a regional campus in Michigan.

Why This Matters

National research shows when it comes to Community Schools …

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